New beginnings…

For those of you who have visited my Yoga With Milan site before, a change to note – my daughter, Sanjana, will be joining me in blogging and in running our Ayurvedic Essentials Shop. For those new to the site, welcome and thank you for visiting! – Milan

The mind and body work together as a whole. When one piece is fractured or out of balance, the effects can show up in a myriad of ways, whether it is in the form of stress, a back ache, or even a fight with a loved one. Though it is often hard to see, everything is connected. In our blog we will delve into topics such as yoga, Ayurvedic nutrition and daily practices, natural and cruelty-free beauty products, and more, so that hopefully you can find balance and bliss.


                                                                     Photo by Brina Blum


A note


I had a realization recently that I wanted to share because I feel most will be able to relate… It has to do with controlling our lives and achieving our goals. We all have these ideas in our minds of how we want things to go or what we want to achieve. When we work so hard and feel we have done everything “right” it can be frustrating if things do not quickly fall into place. With the new year, having set many intentions and put all the positive vibes I could into the world, I am still waiting for them to manifest all-at-once-immediately. It is already the end of January after all! One thing that I have learned from yoga is that you have to have faith in the process. It is easy to speed through life, but slowing down and taking things moment by moment is quite challenging. Things don’t change overnight, so why keep waiting for another day to find the positive?

I guess what I’m saying is that when things are not going the way you’d hoped, don’t give up in the idea that it will be wonderful for you in some unexpected way, or that maybe you will build exactly the life you want. Realize that there is something awesome in today for you, you may just have to change your perspective!

Maybe that’s an affirmation to tell yourself… “I trust the process of life. I am supported by the universe.”

Just a thought… be well!