All Natural Headache Cures

All Natural Headache Cures

While it may be easy to reach for the Advil or Tylenol every time you have a headache, these medications can be toxic and ineffective. Before taking synthetic drugs or pharmaceuticals next time you are feeling pain, try some of these natural, side-effect free solutions to heal yourself…

1. Rest 🙂

Really, not trying to be facetious! And drink water – many times the headache is a sign of dehydration, and simply drinking a room temperature glass of water will quickly hydrate you and relieve pain.

2. Use a neti pot

If you are prone to sinus headaches (generally viral) then using a neti pot  with some sea salt or himalayan salt can be extremely beneficial.  Make sure the neti pot and all the ingredients you put in it are clean and use distilled or filtered water.

3. Self-Massage 

Another useful method to eradicate headaches is to gently use your thumb to massage in a circular motion right beneath the skull area for about 3-5 seconds in each spot as you move your thumb around. This will relax the muscles in case your headache is a tension headache.

4. Use an eye pillow

Lying with your body completely flat on your back is very helpful, then place a gentle weight on your eyes – like an eye pillow (some options below) and imagine that your eyes are falling deeply into the back of your head.

5. Routine that fits your dosha 

Try to maintain a regular routine and eat food that resonates with your constitution, or dosha. While it may seem irrelevant or confusing, but our body tells us what it needs, and often times we ignore it, or override it, and that leads to imbalances in our system that can ultimately lead to more disease and sickness.

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Here are some options for inexpensive eye pillows:

Also, feel free to contact me if you would like to learn how to make mealtime easy and comfortable and remain aligned with your personal constitution.

Be well always!

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