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It all began with a Sun Salutation...

So it didn’t start out with tons of flexibility, coordination or balance. There was no sudden awakening to the enlightened world. Milan had been chugging along slowly, one breath at a time - Milan battling middle-age. She practiced Yoga each morning in an attempt to unite body, mind and spirit.



It took a few years for Milan to realize the truth.

Everything is already united. Body, mind, spirit, earth, air, fire, water… there are no boundaries, other than the ones we set ourselves. We are all already a part of the universe, we do not have to try. You don’t have to wear an “Om” on your shirt, you don’t have to be vegetarian (at least not until you feel the urge), you don’t have to twist yourself into pretzel shapes, in fact there is absolutely nothing that you have to do or change.


The next chapter is the start of what brought  Milan here today.

After teaching yoga for 15 years, and practicing for over 20, Yoga with Milan had become much more than simple postures. It encompassed Ayurveda, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage, and the core notion of food as nourishment for the body and soul. In 2017,  Milan is on a new venture to live and share a life in harmony with nature. We offer wellness services and plenty of plan-based dips and chutneys to make life yummier. Wander through our pages and let us know what you think. 

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For me, a good start to the day begins with meditation and a walk in the elements, grounding and a reminder of where we come from. I love to play with the earth, in the garden and in my pottery studio. I move through the air with dance, yoga, and hikes through the woods. I cook with love, a sense of discovery and the combined energy of fire, earth and water to create masterpieces (at least according to me :)) And when all is done I sit down to either write a book or read one. If that isn’t joy...then nothing is :)

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