Our offerings include Yoga, Ayurvedic lifestyle coaching and Ayurvedic plant-based cooking to help you achieve your wellness goals. Please reach out for a free consultation on any of our services. If you have experienced our offerings, let us know what you thought!

Due to COVID-19 some services may be modified. 

Donation-Based Classes:

Tuesdays from 8-9am ET

Thursdays from 12-1pm ET

6-Class Package:

After an initial free consultation we will develop a plan together that will help you achieve your wellness goals. We will create a yoga asana program customized for you, a meal plan guided by Ayurvedic principles, and a daily regimen to help you become your healthiest happiest self.

Laya & Hatha Yoga

$25 (Virtual)

Hatha Yoga is meant to be comfortable and achievable for every body and ability - Hatha Yoga adjusts to you, not the other way around. Laya Yoga challenges our limits while still being achievable, because no Yoga should ever cause pain to anyone. I like to create a lovely balance that elevates your well being, confidence, strength, and flexibility! I also would like to note that I teach trauma-informed yoga. 

Donation-Based Yoga Links:

Guided Meditation

$25 (Virtual)

Guided meditation preceded by grounding yoga poses and pranayama.


Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition Consulting

$50 (Virtual)

Fill out our forms so we can assess where your body, mind and spirit are in this moment. We will help develop a personalized yoga routine, dhinacharya and ritucharya for you, along with foods that will be best for you. Strengthen yourself from within. This consultation typically takes an hour or so as a virtual visit, and we will provide you with your program within a week of the virtual visit.



$20 (Virtual)

For safety purposes we will be providing this therapy long distance only.


Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Massage or Nuad Boran is a fully clothed massage combining yoga poses done 'to' you and accupressure. It increases circulation in the body, lowers inflammation and stress.


For safety purposes, this therapy will not be available during COVID.



A steady stream of warm oil gently poured over the forehead over 45 minutes. This therapy is extremely helpful for insomnia, for stress relief, for depression, for anxiety, and nurturing your bliss. Herbs and essential oils may be used to increase benefits.


For safety purposes, this therapy will not be available during COVID.




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