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Plant Based Cooking: Anyone Can Do This!

Plant based cooking isn't about eating meat-analogs and strange foods created in labs to look like something familiar. It can be, but it shouldn't be if you want to nourish your body and soul with healthful ingredients that don't cost a fortune.

Real food, real delicious, and real easy! It was never meant to be complicated, although the industry would have you think so! Let go of the conditioning! Whole grains, lentils, seeds, vegetables, fruits and nuts can make fabulous foods that will satisfy your belly, your cravings, even your soul, and nourish every part of you with yumminess and love!

This course will help you learn how to stock your pantry, how to meal prep for fast and easy protein packed meals, and how to insure you are getting ALL your nutritional needs met. This is the perfect class to just dip your toes into and figure out how to get started. We will be offering new and fresh videos all the time to keep your food interesting and varied. Even your omni guests will be impressed with the variety while their taste buds won't be able to resist!

And we will be live hosting cooking classes to create masterpieces that don't need lab created oddities! Join us today and tell us what you feel like eating! We'll make it happen!

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